November 3, 2019 (Full Day)

  • Written by  Captain Jill

Trevor and his family and friends spent the day with us celebrating his 11th birthday and catching a boat load of sea bass. The kids truly ruled the boat—baiting their own hooks, swinging double headers over the rail and filling the box with dinner for his party this evening. Great day all around! 

On a slightly overcast, chilly morning, 6 tween-age boys , some wearing hats and sweatshirts, pose together for a photo, with the wake of the boat behind them.

With the sun lighting a clear sky, a tween-age boy holds up a sea bass for the camera with both hands.

On a clear, sunny day, a a tween-age boy wearing orange Grundens fishing waders smiles and holds up a sea bass.

On a crisp, clear blue-sky day, 6 tween-age boys, some wearing hats, sweatshirts and fishing waders, each hold up 2 sea bass for the camera.

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