November 23, 2019 (Full Day)

  • Written by  Captain Jill

The wind blew all day, but wind with tide made it nice for us sitting on the hook. Tom, his dad and buddies kept the rods bent from start til stop, loading up with more than two dozen tog for the box and numerous others. Great day on the water with these first-timers and hope to see them again next fall.

On a sunny and chilly morning, with the water and land in the background, a man bundled up and wearing sunglasses, holds up the blackfish (tautog) he caught. In the near background is a man facing the water wearing a green, NY Jets coat, which is facing the camera.

Three people, all wearing waders/bibs, hold onto their reels as their lines hang in the water. Off to the right is a glimpse of Captain Jill holding out a net ready to catch a fish.

Six men of varying ages each hold up 2 blackfish, with more laid out in front of them on the fillet table.

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