November 29, 2020 (Full Day)

We squeezed in another trip with Marc and Max today. The togs were not cooperative in the early hours for us, but once we got ‘em chewing, it was easy pickin’. The father and son combo loaded the boat with a limit of blackfish, topped off with a couple of sea bass and cod.


November 28, 2020 (Full Day)

We had Andy, Nick and the boys from “Hook It Up!” fishing club out for some togging today. The fish made us work for them, but the guys did an impressive job of boxing three dozen tog, along with a few sea bass and cod. Great weather made for an outstanding trip. The guys are already in the books for next year’s Thanksgiving Day weekend!


November 21, 2020 (Full Day)

We took an exploratory trip with Tim Schweitzer and crew today. Wanted to try some new bottom we haven’t yet fished this season. The action wasn’t lock and load, but there were some quality fish in the mix. We ended up with our limit of blackfish, a handful of sea bass and a couple of cod. That’s a good day of fishing in our books, not to mention the usual laughs with these guys! Until next summer!

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