September 1, 2019 (Full Day)

We had the pleasure of another great trip with James Daniels and his kids and friends. Awesome fishing all around with a limit of both striped bass and sea bass. Looking forward to seeing them again for their third trip this fall!

With the blue sky and ocean behind them, a holds up a striped bass standing next to a young boy and they both smile.

With a man and young boy in the background, a man wearing a bright neon yellow/green shirt in the foreground uses two hands to hold up the striped bass he caught.

With a young boy beside her, a woman smiles big and holds up striped bass by the gills with two hands.

A man wearing a dark color baseball cap and smiling, uses two hands to hold up a striped bass.

Six men, one woman and 2 young  boys stand together for a photo. All of them hold up the striped bass they each caught.


August 31, 2019 (Full Day)

Mean Matty and the boys showed us how it’s done today, as they usually do, filling the boat with a limit of striped bass and sea bass. Fishing doesn’t get much better than it was today. Until next season!

Six men ranging in age, each hold up the striped bass they caught.

A man holds up the large striped bass he caught with 2 hands.


August 30, 2019 (AM)

We had the boys out for Christopher’s bachelor party this morning. The had a limit of jumbo sea bass in no time. Some of the guys might of stayed up a little late the night before, but they all rallied nicely.

Eight men stand on the boat while still docked at the marina, with the sun setting in the background, and smile for the camera before leaving for their charter.

On a clear day with blue sky, all eight men hold up the sea bass they caught.


August 29, 2019 (PM)

We had Eric and his family out this afternoon for some jumbo sea bass—and caught some big ones. Never hurts to ask for help! Gil showing the kids how to get it done!

First mate, Gil, puts his arm around a young boy and helps him guide the use of a reel.

On a sunny day, 3 adults and 4 young adults sit together for a photo and hold up a large sea bass they caught.

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