August 22, 2020 (Full Day)

Had a great combo day with Ed and the boys, starting the day offshore and wrapping up with some bottom fishing. We steamed about 15 miles to the SE this morning and although it was quiet offshore, we did hook up with a white shark, which we’d say was about 125-150 lbs. It put up a good fight, before we successfully released it. We decided to head in a little early and give the sea bass a try. Good move! Made a few drifts and put about a dozen sea bass and another dozen ling in the box. All in all, fun and action-packed day.


August 2, 2020 (Full Day)

We had a fun day offshore shark fishing with Rob and gang, celebrating his brother Rich’s 50th birthday. Although a slow start in the morning, the action turned on in the afternoon with blue sharks, a brown shark, and a pup hammerhead. We also saw half a dozen sun fish swim through our slick. The icing on the cake was watching a submarine about two miles from us steam offshore. Very cool. It was a day of celebration and laughs! Hope we’ll see these guys again!

Sorry! No pics from this trip.


July 31, 2019

Today we had Capt. Joseph, Phil and Tara from Turks and Caicos, as well as fanny pack Steve, Dennis and Shawn. We had great action offshore, we caught some makos, saw whales as well as tons of porpoises. 

View from the boat looking down at the water of a shark hooked on a line .


June 24, 2019

Today Mike and his family wanted a little offshore action. We headed offshore and saw porpoises, and wrestled with plenty of sharks up to 200 pounds.

View from behind of a woman using her strength to reel in a shark that's in the water out of sight.

Overhead view from the boat looking into the water at a shark swimming by.

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