September 15, 2019 (Full Day)

We had the pleasure of fishing with Joe Aviles today, who returned for his second trip this season. The striped bass proved to be very picky this morning, with an abundance of bluefish keeping the rods bent. However, the guys stuck with it and put a few nice bass in the box as well. We spent the afternoon bottom fishing and loaded up with sea bass up to around 3.5 pounds along with a dozen or so jumbo scup. Great weather and great day on the water.  

A man holds up a striped bass horizontally, with both hands.

An older man smiles next to a young man also smiling, and holding up the striped bass he caught.

With the blue ocean behind them, the camera takes a close-up of a proud young man holding up the sea bass he caught.


September 14, 2019 (Full Day)

Mike Foy and the boys returned for their annual trip and it was another great day on the water. We started off with the striped bass fishing. After putting a few in the box and with plenty of time on a full day trip, we switch over to do some bottom fishing, which paid off nicely with more than 3 dozen jumbo sea bass and scup. Awesome trip and tons of laughs. Until next year!

With the wake of the boat behind them, a man smiles and holds up the striped bass he caught.

Under a Slightly cloudy sky, the camera takes a closeup of a man holding out the sea bass he caught.

A group of 10 men sit and stand posing for the camera, all holding up sea bass.

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