June 13, 2020 (PM)

Had a blast today with Peter, Jeff and the Wagenhauser family. This is Peter & Jeff's first of three trips with us this season, but the first ever with the full family. We fished the Flood tide and saw great action with the striped bass. Had a mix of small, too big, and just the right size fish, sending the gang home with the usual package of bass and bluefish fillets. Weather was beautiful. Conditions were perfect. All around a great afternoon. Looking forward to our next trip later this summer.


June 13, 2020 (AM)

We had the pleasure of fishing with Nancy and her son and son's friend this morning, for the Ebb tide. We started the trip trolling and saw some good action pretty quickly, with bass up to 41". When the trolling slowed down, we took the jigs out and the kids caught a mix of striped bass, bluefish and scup. Always great having kids on the boat with us. Love seeing them get in on the action. 


June 7, 2020

We had the pleasure of fishing with Mike and his friends on Sunday. We jigged and trolled for striped bass and bluefish all morning, during the Flood tide. The action was OK, but not what we were hoping for. Decided to switch over and do some fluking in the afternoon and the boys did a great job of keeping the rods bent. Lots of shorts in the mix, but quality fish as well.  Awesome day on the water! 


October 24, 2019 (PM)

It was a beautiful afternoon, for Dave and his group. They had non-stop action with light tackle catching bass and bluefish. Looking forward to getting them out again.

On a sunny, clear blue-sky day, a man wearing a blue hat, sunglasses and a red and orange windbreaker looks towards the camera as he holds onto his reel already in the water

With the clear blue sky above and the water all around, the camera catches a man holding onto the reel, waiting for his catch off the side of the boat.

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