October 4, 2018

This afternoon we had the Sterling Risk insurance group out. The crew had non-stop action with jumbo sea bass.

A group of one woman and 11 men smile for the camera as some hold up the sea bass they caught.

October 3, 2018

This afternoon we had Chuck and Soribe out for some bottom fishing for a perfect date. They had non-stop action with jumbo sea bass.

With the wake of the boat trailing behind, a man wearing a yellow shirt and blue baseball cap, and a woman wearing a red Montauk sweatshirt, give thumbs up in front of a pile of sea bass laid out on the filet table. Soribe and Chuck hammered ‘em.

October 2, 2018

It was a great afternoon for Esther and her family. The crew had an awesome afternoon of sea bass fishing, and are already planning on their seafood feast. 

With the wake of the boat behind them, two women and a man smile for the camera and give the peace sign, while they stand behind the field table with a spread of sea bass.

October 1, 2018 (Evening)

This evening we had Dave and Angela out for Dave’s 50th. They had a blast catching bass and albacore all evening. Happy Birthday, Dave!!

A woman wearing a blue jacket and baseball cap, gives a thumbs up to the camera as she holds up her striped bass with the other hand.

October 1, 2018 (Full Day)

James and the boys have been rescheduled twice because of weather. Great to finally get them out today. The guys had some nice bass as well as some jumbo sea bass. 

On an cloudy, overcast day, 4 men, each wearing a sweatshirt and baseball cap, hold up the striped bass they caught.

September 30, 2018 (PM)

We had a great Sunday afternoon on the water with Bob Abraham and family. As soon as the lines hit the water, the crew was fighting fish. After putting five striped bass up to around 35 lbs in the box, they called it quits. We took a nice slow ride back to the dock with football on TV, cigars and cocktails. Is there anything better?? I don't think so.

A man smiles and holds up a large striped bass with two hands.

A group of 3 men and one woman hold up 5 striped bass.Great family afternoon.

September 30, 2018 (AM)

Had a great morning with Doug and crew. The kids kept the rods bent from start til stop, with jigs and trolling. They put together a mixed bag of striped bass, bluefish, false albies, sea bass and scup. No better way to spend the morning.  Hoping to do it again next summer. Miss you, Doug!  :)

With the wake of the boat behind them, three adolescent boys each hold up a striped bass.This morning was for the kids, who proudly display some of their catch.

September 29, 2018 (Full Day)

Another banner day with Steve Dubon and the boys. Had fun jigging a limit of striped bass this morning, as well as catching and releasing another 15-20 bass. Turned to bottom fishing next and put a few dozen jumbo sea bass in the box as well. Beautiful conditions and great fishing. Can't ask for more.

On a sunny blue-sky day, 7 men hold up striped bass, some with one in each hand.Easy limit of striped bass and a few dozen sea bass.

On a sunny blue-sky day, with the wake of the boat behind them, 7 men hold up sea bass, some with multiple in each hand.

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