December 8, 2018

Today’s weather forecast was WRONG!! NW 10-15...I think not. It blew a straight 20-25 all morning. Crappy conditions but tried to ride it out. Took a wave over the bow while on the hook and that was it. Called it a short trip. Really disappointing. Been looking forward to this trip with Firas since we were blown out last month. Not the last trip we hoped for. Had a few togs and a small cod before wrapping it up. Until next year, I guess. Hoping we make it west tonight...

On a cold day, a man wearing a hat and coat, holds up a blackfish (tautog).

December 5, 2018

Who’s afraid of a little cold! The boys loaded up with togs and cod today. Hope to get them back out next year!

On a cold fall day on the water, a group of 4 men hold up the fish they caught.

December 1, 2018 (Full Day)

An excellent day of fishing for Tim and the boys, all first-timers with NRC. After steaming more than 20 miles, we dropped the hook and were into fish all day long.  The guys boxed almost 60 sea bass and a handful of cod. We also had fun catching mackerel throughout the day. Even hooked a whiting. Also had a whale swim by and a few seals make an appearance. Quite the marine adventure! Looking forward to another trip next summer.

On a cold fall day on the water, a group of 8 men smile for the camera and hold up the fish they caught.

Four men wearing sweatshirts and hats in the cold sunny day, smile for the camera and hold up the fish they caught.

Close up of a man holding up a sea bass.

View from inside the cockpit looking out the window at the orange/yellow/blue sky while the sun sets on the horizon of the dark blue water.

November 30, 2018 (Full Day)

We sailed open boat today and had the pleasure of fishing with Paul “Nice Guy” Galeno as well as a few NRC first-timers looking to get in on the bottom fishing action. The day proved to be a little challenging, as the fish seemed to have lock jaw. We put together a decent catch of sea bass and cod, but hope for some more consistent action tomorrow. Managed a quick shot of Peter showing off one of the cod boated by the gang.

Photo of an adolescent red-haired boy wearing a life jacket and standing on the boat proudly holding up the cod he caught.

November 24, 2018 (Full Day)

NRC first-timer Jonathan Perkins and his crew fished a full day wish us and the long run to the fishing grounds was well worth it. The guys landed their limit of three dozen togs, along with a couple of cod. Great day on the water and we’re looking forward to doing it with them again next season.

With a clear blue sky behind then, a group of 7 men wearing winter gear and clothing, each hold up two blackfish in their hands.

November 19, 2018

Juliette took Jeff and the boys to school today! We ran about 20 miles for some offshore sea bass fishing where the crew loaded the boat with their limit of fish. Then headed back inshore for a quick blackfish bite and filled a basket with another dozen or togs. The cold weather has moved in, but the fish are still chewing. We're enjoying these last few trips, as our season will be wrapping up in a few weeks.

One woman and four men wearing winter coats and hats each smile and hold up the fish they caught.

A man wearing a coat and hat smiles and holds up 2 tautog a fish for the camera.


Close up view from inside of the boat's cabin through a rainy window of the sun on the horizon in the distance.

November 11, 2018

The wind was relentless ALL DAY LONG. Wet ride across, going and coming. Not a slaughter, but pretty good fishing, with some impressive fish in the mix. Glad to have gotten the trip in.

A group of 6 men wearing sweatshirts and hats, stand on the boat on a crisp fall day with blue sky behind them, holding up the fish they caught.

November 4, 2018

After being tied up for a few days due to the continuing wind, it was great getting the off the dock today with Nick and the boys. We made a steam to get to the fishing grounds, where it paid off nicely with a limit of blackfish. Even found a striped bass swimming with the togs. A perfectly beautiful fall day of fishing!

A group of 4 men outfitted in sweatshirts and hats, stand around the filet table where their catch of blackfish is displayed.After a few more days of wind (again!), it was great getting out today.

A man wearing a sweatshirt, Gruenden bibs and a hat holds up a striped bass.Even found a striped bass swimming with the togs.

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