August 29, 2019 (PM)

We had Eric and his family out this afternoon for some jumbo sea bass—and caught some big ones. Never hurts to ask for help! Gil showing the kids how to get it done!

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First mate, Gil, puts his arm around a young boy and helps him guide the use of a reel.

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On a sunny day, 3 adults and 4 young adults sit together for a photo and hold up a large sea bass they caught.

August 28, 2019 (AM)

Squeezed in some bottom fishing with these guys before the rain starts. James and the boys loaded up with sea bass. More great fishing!

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On a cloudy day with the boat's wake behind them, seven men, ranging in age. hold up 2 sea bass each.

August 27, 2019 (PM)

Harry had a great afternoon, catching Fluke and jumbo sea bass. Also had one of the nicest afternoons on the water. Great job, Harry!

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On a sunny day with the dark ocean behind him, a man wearing a royal blue fleece smiles and holds up a sea bass and jumbo fluke still on the line

August 27, 2019 (AM)

After waiting for the wind to move through, it was great to get back out on the water. This morning the sea bass were hungry for Kitt and Chris and the duo easily caught their limit. Hope to see these first-timers again.

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A man and woman smile and hold up 2 sea bass each, with more on the red mesh basket in front of them.

August 23, 2019 (PM)

Steven and the boys stuck with the bottom fishing again on Friday and went home with their limit of sea bass. Hope these fish stick around through the fall.

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On a partly cloudy day, 10 men stand close together and smile as each hold up 2 sea bass.

August 23, 2019 (AM)

Mike and the boys stuck it out in some rain this morning for a limit of sea bass. Nice job boys! We’ve done more bottom fishing this season than any other year. Having a lot of fun!

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On an overcast day, 7 men each smile and hold up 2 sea bass.

August 22, 2019 (PM)

The Krupnick family has been fishing with us for close to 15 years. It’s hard to believe that triplets Julie, Emily and Noah turned 21 this summer!

Three generations of Krupnicks doing what they do! The gang crushed the sea bass this afternoon. Not surprising! Always great having them out with us and even sweeter this time around with Polly!

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On a sunny day with a clear blue sky, a grandfather, two parents, and their triplet son and daughters all smile for the camera and hold out the sea bass they caught.

August 22, 2019 (AM)

Noah, Zach, Ethan and Jake slayed the sea bass this morning, showing the adults just how it’s done! It's great having kids out on the November Rain!

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On a cloudy, foggy day, 4 young boys each hold up 2 sea bass.

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