August 27, 2018 (AM)

We had Gerry and the guys out this morning. The boys did a bang up job bottom fishing. Lots of jumbo sea bass to go around.

Five men, some wearing baseball caps, hold up two sea bass each.Another great morning of bottom fishing. Gerry and the boys crushed the sea bass.

August 26, 2018 (PM)

First timer Cheryl and her family joined us this afternoon. Her grandsons, Colin and Luke, kept busy from start til stop with sea bass and porgies, helping the crew box their limit and then some. Hope to see them again next summer.

A family group consisting of grandparents, their son and his young sons smile for the camera as they each hold up sea bass.Great afternoon with these two and their dad and grandparents.

Two young boys each smile and hold up 2 sea bass.Brothers Colin and Luke made sure we had our limit of sea bass today.

August 26, 2018 (AM)

Ten year-old Stefan took his dad and grand dad out fishing this morning and showed us all how it's done...just like a pro. We caught a couple of bluefish to start and spent the remainder of the morning bottom fishing, easily putting a limit of sea bass in the box. Hope to get them out again next summer. Best of luck with school this year, Stefan!

View of the back of an adolescent boy while he faces the ocean and reels in his catch.

An adolescent boy smiles and holds up 2 sea bass in each hand.Ten year old Stefan took his father and grandfather fishing this morning and showed them how to catch their limit of Montauk sea bass.

August 25, 2018

Josh and Lauren booked their annual trip with us and this time we had newcomer baby Charlie join us as well. The striped bass were being a little picky this morning, so as soon as we put some meat in the box, we decided to turn to bottom fishing, which kept all the kids busy landing fluke, sea bass and scup. Great morning on the water. Looking forward to seeing them again next month.

Three boys smile big as they hold up the fish they caught.The youngest holds up porgy (scup), the middle holds up striped bass, and the eldest holds up 2 fluke.The kids were in charge this morning and helped fill the box with striped bass, fluke, sea bass and scup.

A mother and her baby son sit on the captain's chair at the wheel and look to the camera and smile.Even had 11-month old Charlie make his debut!!

August 24, 2018 (PM)

This afternoon we had the pleasure of fishing with John Boyle and the boys.The guys did a bang up job on sea bass.

Eight men standing together all smile and hold up sea bass.Spent the afternoon bottom fishing which paid off nicely for John and the boys.

August 24, 2018 (AM)

This morning we had Joe and the boys out for Evans bachelor party. The guys crushed the bass up to 38 pounds. Congrats Evan! Hope to see them out here again.

Eight men each smile and hold up a striped bass.Hot damn!

August 23, 2018 (PM)

This afternoon we had Todd and boys out for some bottom fishing. Not a whole lot calmer this afternoon, but that didn't stop Todd and crew from putting some fluke and sea bass in the box.

Two men and an adolescent boy each hold up fluke.

August 23, 2018 (AM)

We had the pleasure of having the Bock family out for their annual trip. Despite the rough conditions, Clara took this beauty home. Looking forward to seeing them again next year.

A woman uses two hands to hold up a large striped bass.Clara showing off one of a few fish caught this morning, despite the not-so-great weather.

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