July 26, 2019 (Full Day)

The boys came out today to celebrate Wheat’s bachelor party. We had lots of laughs and a limit jumbo sea bass. Great day and even better weather. Congrats Wheat!

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View from atop the boat of thirteen men, including first mate, Gil, looing up at the camera, each holding 2 sea bass.

July 25, 2019 (Twilight)

We had Price and Sally out with their group this evening. Sally had the big fish of the trip. They had a great time catching lots of jumbo sea bass for dinner. 

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With sunset drawing near, a woman wearing shorts and sunglasses, holds up sea bass and smiles.

July 25, 2019 (Full Day)

The boys were out today for Michael’s bachelor party. The bottom fishing was red hot, keeping their limit of jumbo sea bass. Congrats buddy !

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With the clear sky and calm ocean behind them, 7 men each smile and hold up 2 sea bass.

July 24, 2019 (PM)

We had Kate and her family out this afternoon for some great bottom fishing. They kept enough for dinner throwing the rest back to live another day.

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On a sunny blue-sky day, three you/adolesecent/young adult boys smile for the camera and each hold up 2 sea bass.

July 24, 2019 (AM)

We were able to reschedule Tim and the crew from yesterday’s wash out. The sea bass were hungry and waiting for us. The boys did a great job digging in.

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Three boys wearing hoodies/sweatshirts stand un the corner of the boat with the ocean behind them on an overcast day each hold up 2 sea bass.

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A young boy smiles and uses his strength to hold up a sea bass in each hand.

July 21, 2019 (Full Day)

Had an awesome day fishing with Roy and gang. We decided to stick with bottom fishing which rewarded us with over two dozen sea bass and jumbo scup. Great day on the water, escaping the oppressive heat on land.

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On a sunny blue sky day, a woman put on a toothy smile and holds up sea bass in each hand, still on the line.

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Close up of a man, looking at his sea bass as he holds it up for the camera.

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A man wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses holds out a sea bass.

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Six men and women smile big for the camera and each hold up the sea bass they caught.

July 20, 2019 (Twilight)

We had phenomenal sea bass fishing this evening with Rosanne and gang. These guys loaded up in only a couple of drifts and called it a day. Beautiful weather. Great fishing. Doesn’t get much better!  

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A group of 7 men and women hold up 2 sea bass each.

July 20, 2019 (Full Day)

We had another fun trip with Alan and gang today. We started off bottom fishing and had some great action early on, switching over for striped bass once the tide got going. The bass were being picky today and it was a struggle. We ended up with some meat in the box, but certainly not the bite we had hoped for. Despite the less-than-stellar striped bass fishing, the guys booked their August 2020 trip before getting off the boat. Love when that happens!

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A man wearing sunglasses on a sunny summer day holds up the sea bass he caught.

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A man wearing sunglasses and a hat on a sunny summer day holds up a striped bass.

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